10 on 10 – 1st of 2012 baby!

Well my Momtog group is on to another month of 10 on 10s and I was super excited to do my 10 on 10 this month, because I knew I would be able to do it while we were still in Alaska.  We didn’t do anything crazy, just took a trip into Anchorage to do some shopping and then met up with the whole family for Sushi – not so fun with TWO 2 year olds, a 6 year old with a ‘TUDE and a 6 week old (the most well-behaved of them all!)   Enjoy – and then hop on over to my friend Sarah’s blog Chaotic Joy and check out her 10 on 10!

Hangin in the baby chair . . . obviously thinks he’s still a baby!

Yep, this is legit. 

Showing mommy his “kiss lips”

The beginning of what would end up being 17 inches of snow in 1 day. 

Went into Icing (could’ve swore it was Claires?) to get cousin London some earrings and instead tried on 42 pairs of glasses . . .

Rayce and his auntie “LoLo”  or as he pronounces is “WohWoh”

Rotating Sushi Bar 

Christmas lights are so pretty at night – no wonder my mom keeps them up and lit 365 days a year!

Driving back to good ‘ol Wasilla 🙂

10 on 10 – 1st of 2012 baby!

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